Why Blunt?


Blunt Strategic is a full-service marketing and communications agency. As a boutique agency, we work with a select group of clients looking for personalized, dedicated service and excellence in execution. Partnering with talented contract providers, we deliver just what you need with speed and efficiency. Without the considerable overhead of a traditional agency, we are able to deliver superior results avoiding the high costs typically associated with agency work.


Project Review: Critical Eye. Open Mind.

At Blunt Strategic, our approach to communications and marketing is direct and honest, our results fresh and creative. From comprehensive marketing plans to websites and custom publications, each project is approached with a critical eye and an open mind.


Research and Consultation: Listen. Learn. Define.

Our approach is simple. Logic serves as the backbone of every strategy. Market research is key, as is a detailed plan of action, which is presented to the client prior to the start of any project. At Blunt we avoid confusing “marketese.” We’d rather provide clients with no-nonsense solutions in plain speak: clear, smart and effective.

We start with a lengthy client consultation, listening carefully to your objectives before making recommendations. Each proposal is carefully crafted and outlines project understanding, proposed methodology, market research requirements, strategic outcomes, select partner profiles and detailed timelines. Much more than a traditional quote focused only on dollars and cents, Blunt’s comprehensive upfront approach reduces client risk, creates transparency and instills confidence in the process.


Create and Deploy: Fresh. Vibrant. Targeted.

If our methodology is a map to the destination, our deliverables are the destination itself: Vibrant. Refreshing. Exciting.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Every project receives the benefit of strategic planning sessions and creative brainstorming before beginning. Once at the design or build stage, several client reviews allow for input and feedback, ensuring the end result is nothing short of “Wow.”