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A division of Calgary-based Bow Valley College, TOWES is the Test of Workplace Essential Skills. It is a nationally recognized assessment that uses authentic Canadian work and life content to assess an individual's ability across three skills: reading text, document use, and numeracy. Together with assessments, TOWES provides instructional resources, consulting services and professional development to organizations and individuals looking to assess and improve their literacy and essential skills.

Description of Services

In 2014, Blunt completed a web audit of the then-current TOWES website. Blunt’s audit led to us preparing a series of strategic and tactical recommendations for improvements to the TOWES web presence, including suggestions for web navigation, design style, writing tone and functionality. Post the audit, Blunt was retained to write and edit all of the new copy for the new website, which launched in 2016.

Blunt also conducted a social media seminar for key TOWES staff, helping to familiarize them with LinkedIn, its functions and strategic integration into the organization’s communication goals.

Thank you, Agnes and team, for your professional consulting services to assist us with communicating the roll out of TOWES Prime. We appreciate all of your efforts and love our new website.

Conrad Murphy
Director, TOWES
Bow Valley College