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Dale Exton is the VP of Business Development for KPMG and in 2012, published his first work, Book It: The Art of Sales. This instructional and inspirational book is targeted at sales and business development professionals and shares proven sales methods and effective disciplines with those interested in building and maintaining a successful career in this often challenging arena.

Description of Services

Another fun project for the “books,” Blunt was hired to help promote Book It: The Art of Sales, as well as creating a personal brand for its author, Dale Exton. Blunt started with writing some effective promotional copy for the book itself and creating a logotype and brand identity for the author. Blunt then went on to plan, copy write, design and produce a vibrant and compelling website where Book It could be promoted and sold.

Other notable project components included social media strategy and set up, press release preparation, cover design, and a product sales sheet.

Agnes did a terrific job of guiding me through what needed to be done to market my book project and then expertly executed to plan. I love my Dale Exton brand identity and continue to get rave reviews on my website. Thanks, Blunt Strategic!

Dale Exton,
VP Business Development, KPMG
Author, Book It: The Art of Sales