Ever wondered how to build your personal brand? How to best showcase yourself beyond your corporation and shine as an individual in your own right? Blunt Strategic’s latest project helped Calgary lawyer Greg Dunn do just that.

Not only is Greg a leading Calgary criminal defense lawyer, but he’s also a professional rodeo cowboy, a speaker, and a staunch proponent of civil liberties. As such, he wanted a website outside of his professional site (Dunn and Associates) that really showcased him. A consultation with Blunt Strategic led to some personality testing to determine Greg’s dominant brand characteristics and a few months later, a brand and a corresponding website was born: gregorydunn.ca

Greg’s personal website will act as the central repository for his opinions and insights about the law, popular cases in the media and other newsworthy events relevant to Albertans. Created by Calgary’s Blunt Strategic the site is reflective of Greg as a whole and showcases the different sides of his personality. His interests in ranching, cowboy culture, and hunting will all be featured regularly on gregorydunn.ca whether as blog entries or as photos in the photo gallery.

Blunt worked on a word mark and logo for Greg together with design partners MindJello Creative and with Core Storm on the design of the website. Thanks also to our photography partner Joey Podlubny of Joey Podlubny Photography for the terrific photos of Greg that really capture his many sides.