Infographics do a great job of simplifying complex information and presenting it in a way that is engaging and accessible to wider audiences. At Blunt, we are experts at pairing editorial understanding with design – a perfect combination for creating informative, digestible and appealing infographics. We can help you identify material that would be better presented as an infographic, convert boring data into content appropriate for infographics, or design infographics from existing material you may already have on hand.

Infographics can then be used as part of your print or online materials, and make excellent content for social media posting and sharing. Find out how we can help.

Post Update: As of October 6th, 2017, our Foreign Oil infographic has gone viral. Please contact us today to see how we can help you get the same type of social media results with informed, interesting and attractive custom infographics.


With the latest news about the Energy East pipeline, our Foreign Oil infographic that we did for CAPP's Context magazine (that we also produce) has gone viral…

Posted by Blunt Strategic on Friday, October 6, 2017