A big congratulations to our clients Craig and Cara Senyk of Craig Senyk Initiatives on the launch of their new logo and website. Blunt Strategic was thrilled to work with these great Calgarians and philanthropists on this exciting project.

Craig Senyk Initiatives promotes (and raises funds for!) community-based charities by featuring some of Canada’s leading and up-and-coming country music artists. Since it’s inception, they’ve raised over a $1 million dollars through their Jamborees (Calgary and Toronto-based) and other partner events (Cabarets, Honky Tonk Music Nights, Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express).

Blunt had fun with this project, inspired by the country music talent – established and up and coming – that comes together to raise funds for various worthy Canadian charities. The site creates energy through the implementation of full-sized photos of the musicians and patrons at the events, drawing from the excitement and emotion of the events themselves. The site is fully responsive and makes use of established graphics (event posters) to draw links between the site and event branding.

A huge congrats to Craig and Cara on the launch of their site!