Recently, we were engaged to produce a report for the Joint Working Group – a forum for industry, federal and provincial governments to examine issues affecting the competitiveness of the upstream oil and natural gas industry in Canada. We designed the industry submission to government – a report that proposed actions to address the competitiveness of Canada’s upstream oil and gas sector.

The report was delivered to the Federal Government in late August, directly to the Prime Minister and Ministers of relevant portfolios. When designing this piece, Blunt had to be very aware of its audience and worked to strike the right tone of conservatism, professionalism and aesthetic. Digestibility was key, and thus we created several infographics and pull outs throughout the report to facilitate legibility and to break up difficult and serious content.

Getting the right look and feel is not always easy and we’re sure to provide numerous comps (and as many reviews as required!, to ensure the final product is right for its intended audience. Communication is key and discussions with content providers early on in the process eliminate rework and provide a clear path from the get go.