So, we had the pleasure of doing a bunch of custom Christmas cards for clients this year. These are fun little projects for a company (and us!). It’s always nice finding out a bit about a client’s personal brand in terms of what kind of cards and messaging they like. It’s super enjoyable, in creative terms, to help you express your personal or corporate style.

Plus, it’s sweet receiving something a little bit personal at Christmas. Personally, I think that, while e-cards are a great complement to print cards, the personal note sent during the holidays, whether to friends, clients or supporters, is a nice personal touch.

*We remember you at Christmas.* it says.

Here’s a sampling from the fun to more traditional cards we did this year. All beautiful in their own spirits. Thanks to Birdeen Selzer for lending her creativity to these projects.

And we loved the print jobs from Little Rock Printing in YYC.